Literacy Links – Volume 67

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Bitmoji Virtual Library - Caring for the Earth

Two weeks ago, I shared my first iteration of a virtual library. Since then, I’ve seen lots of other versions pop up online so I expanded my repertoire and created my first Bitmoji virtual library. I couldn’t love it more! The collection’s focus is Caring for the Earth. All you or your students and families need to do is click on the image above, and then click on a book cover you want to read. You will be led to a read aloud or read along of the book! So fun, right? I learned all sorts of tricks to make this virtual library: how to make my first Bitmoji (I know, 4 years too late!), how to find images without background (Tip: Include “transparent” in the search box!), and how to remove backgrounds (Tip: Go to!). This teacher’s tutorial was SO helpful. Maybe I’ll run a fun PD for teachers where we create a BUNCH of virtual libraries covering all sorts of topics. We could promote them for summer reading! Now my juices are flowing!!!

Here is this week’s roundup of literacy links for some quick inspiration, tips, and refreshment:

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