Literacy Links – Volume 103

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My bulletin board of tools and ideas to accompany my Pot of Gold and Teach: From A to Zine about poetry.

At the beginning of April, I published the Pot of Gold portfolio of resources (digital one-page, bulletin board, zine, and podcast). The focus this month: POETRY! I’m not exaggerating when I say that poetry saved my sanity during the first year of the Pandemic. Usually a voracious reader, I could NOT read books. I couldn’t concentrate. I had to reread a page eight times. I eventually lost interest because it was such a frustrating experience. This was not good for me. Reading is such a big part of my identity, and I felt lost without books in my life. Determined one day, I decided to try poetry based on Jason Reynolds’s wisdom. I have lots of poems and anthologies that I’ve collected over time, so every day I would read one. Then I started reading several poems. By June, I was successfully reading novels in verse. Poetry didn’t have “pages in the form of pitbulls”. It allowed my brain to focus on the intentional words on the page and also emote beyond the worry and empathy that consumed me. If I hadn’t grabbed hold to the poetry life saver back in April 2020, I might still be struggling to keep my head above water.

by Eve L. Ewing

i stand before you to say
that today i walked home
& caught the light through
the fence & it was so golden
i wanted to cry & i lifted
my right hand to say thank
you god for the sun thank
you god for a chain link fence
& all the shoes that fit into
the chain link fence so that
we might get lifted god thank
you & i just wanted to dance
& it feels good to have food
in your belly & it feels good
to be home even when home
is the space between metal
shapes & still we are golden
& a man who wore the walk
of hard grounds & lost days
came toward me in the street
& said ‘girl what a beautiful
day’ & i said yes, testify
& i walked on & from some
place a horn rose, an organ,
a voice, a chorus, here to tell
you that we are not dead
we are not dead we are not
dead we are not dead we are
not dead we are not dead
we are not dead we are not

Here is this week’s roundup of literacy links if you’re looking for some quick inspiration, tips, and refreshment:

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