Middleboro’s Fantastic Beasts

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Inspired by the three-headed dog, Fluffy, and the mountain troll that terrified Harry, Ron, and Hermione in recent chapters, Middleboro’s Potterheads imagined their own fantastic beasts that could’ve been guarding the sorcerer’s stone or trolling the hallways scaring Hogwarts’ students. Beware!


The Chewgothagon has fangs that are three feet long.  It uses it’s fangs to rip apart it’s enemies.  It’s tail is so fast and deadly it can slice through steel like a laser beam!  It’s wingspan is thirty feet long which makes it a majestic but deadly flying animal.  The Chewgothagon is a carnivore who feasts on sheep, lions and even people!  The mighty horns of the Chewgothagon can make shish-ka-bob out of anything in its path!

Beware of the deadly Chewgothagon!


It is a unicorn/dragon that spits flaming acid cookies!

Abby unicorn dragon beast


Damien- Harry potter











The “Gaggle” is holding a Nimbus 2000 in one of its hands, a wand made out of dragon blood and a Gringot’s heart in the other, and it is wearing a book of spells on a sash around its shoulder. This would be found trolling the hallways.

Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter

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hp illustrated editions

It’s hard to believe that EIGHT publishers turned down J.K. Rowling’s draft of the first book in the series. If it wasn’t for Bloomsbury Publishing we might not be the Potterheads we are! I was exploring the Bloomsbury website, trying to find out when the illustrated editions of the series are going to be released (October 6, 2015 for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone–pre-order your copy today!), and I found some fun links! We’ve already been sorted into our houses, but we don’t have Harry Potter names yet. Go to the Harry Potter Name Generator to find out what you’d be called at Hogwarts! I’m Violet Vector. Feel free to comment on this post with your new name (get permission first!). Check out the other fun stuff on Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter site if you’re interested!

Happy reading!

Harry Potter Virtual Book Club Assignment #5: Fantastic Beasts

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Now that we’ve all been sorted into our houses, I’m sure we all feel like we’ve found our place in the magical world of Harry Potter. Next week’s chapters have the most, but not the last, adventures of what we’ve read so far. Read chapters 9 and 10 to meet the first, but again certainly not the last, fantastic beasts in Harry Potter. You may even be inspired to research them further in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

fantastic beasts
For your assignment, describe or create a fantastic beast that you could imagine might’ve been guarding the trapdoor in chapter 9 or trolling the hallways (see what I did there?) in chapter 10. You can do some descriptive writing, draw a picture with labels, use playdough, paint, whatever! Feel free to email me your creation, and I’ll post them here next week! As always, have fun with these assignments. Happy reading!

Middleboro’s Platform 9 3/4

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All of these photos of HBB and MKG students getting onto their own, homemade Platform 9 3/4s are INCREDIBLE! I love each one–SO creative in its own way! Thank you, Potterheads and Potterhead families for creating some photo magic for our entertainment!




p 9 3:4
These pics are one of the highlights of the summer for sure. In fact, I just created a new category for blog posts: “Ms. Vigna’s faves.” This post is the first to be classified there. Bravissimo, Potterheads!!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Mrs. Corey, the technology teacher in the HBB media center, recently went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida, and she thoughtfully sent me oodles of photos. However I don’t want to spoil any plot developments, so I’m only sharing ones that we’d know based on where we are in The Sorcerer’s Stone.




Thanks so much for sharing, Mrs. Corey! I’m SOOOOOO jealous! Time to plan a trip to Florida! Who’s in? 😉

Harry Potter Virtual Book Club Assignment #4: Sorting Quiz

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For this week’s assignment you’ll see
that I’m inspired by page 117:
When the Sorting Hat sings
about all sorts of things,
including in which Hogwarts House you’ll be!

So read chapters seven and eight
by a week from today’s even date.
You’ll love them, I trust!
Read through the night if you must
because you simply can’t possibly wait!

But you also have something to do.
I want to know what House I’d be in–don’t you?
Take a Sorting Hat Quiz
(there are all sorts in the biz).
I found out I’m a Ravenclaw–woo hoo!

Once you know where you’d belong,
feel free to sound a gong!
Share your results below–
I’ve made a poll, you know–
and I know we’ll still all get along!

Harry Potter Virtual Book Club Assignment #2: Main Idea Quotes

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the boy who lived

Oh, man! It’s been SO fun to reread The Sorcerer’s Stone. I’ve uncovered all kinds of clues that J.K. Rowling dropped in this first book to hint at future events (even the ending of the series!!). These first two chapters made me wonder lots of questions like why Dumbledore would WANT Harry to grow up with the Dursleys and wouldn’t Harry have guessed, hoped, or even just pretended he had magical powers if odd things always seemed to happen around him? I wonder. Did you have any wonderings while reading this past week?

For next week, read Chapters 3 and 4 by Friday, July 3rd. As always, feel free to read ahead. Just don’t spoil anything for your fellow Potterheads!

Also, you have a small assignment to at least think about this week. While you’re reading, find a quote from the text that you think captures the main idea of the chapter. For example, for chapter 1, “The Boy Who Lived,” I would choose this quote: “For a full minute the three of them stood and looked at the little bundle; Hagrid’s shoulders shook, Professor McGonagall blinked furiously, and the twinkling light that usually shone from Dumbledore’s eyes seemed to have gone out” (page 16). I think this quote captures the main idea of the first chapter because we can infer how much Harry Potter means to the wizarding world if these three grown, powerful wizards and witch are so upset. I also love this quote as a writer because J.K. Rowling showed me how devastated they all were without telling me “They were sad.” Show, don’t tell. Right, writers?

See if you can find one quote for chapter 3 and another for chapter 4 and share how you think they capture the main idea of each chapter. Feel free to use this sentence frame:

The quote ____________ (page___) captures the main idea of chapter ___ because ________________________________________________.

You can share your quotes and reasons by commenting on this post OR emailing them to me through your parent’s email address (get permission first!). I wonder if we’ll choose the same quotes–I can’t wait to find out! See you next Friday! Happy reading!

Harry Potter Virtual Book Club Assignment #1: Survey

Harry Potter, reading, summer

Hello, Potterheads (that’s the name to describe someone who LOVES Harry Potter)! I’m SO excited to begin this magical reading journey with you! I looked at the summer calendar to divide the book into reasonable sections (real world use of math!!), so let’s say everyone should read chapters 1 and 2 by next Friday, June 26! Feel free to read ahead if you’re inspired. Just don’t spoil anything for the rest of us if you comment on anything. 🙂 Since this is our first assignment, I’ll keep the work simple: answer the survey questions below:

Feel free to bookmark my site for easy access over the summer or comment below!  See y’all back here soon!