Harry Potter Virtual Book Club Assignment #1: Survey

Hello, Potterheads (that’s the name to describe someone who LOVES Harry Potter)! I’m SO excited to begin this magical reading journey with you! I looked at the summer calendar to divide the book into reasonable sections (real world use of math!!), so let’s say everyone should read chapters 1 and 2 by next Friday, June 26! Feel free to read ahead if you’re inspired. Just don’t spoil anything for the rest of us if you comment on anything. 🙂 Since this is our first assignment, I’ll keep the work simple: answer the survey questions below:

Feel free to bookmark my site for easy access over the summer or comment below!  See y’all back here soon!


4 responses to “Harry Potter Virtual Book Club Assignment #1: Survey

  1. Haglundej@comcast.net

    Thank you!

  2. I love the Harry potter book, it is very detailed!

  3. Richard Kent, IV

    Thank you for doing this over your summer vacation
    your potterhead Ricky.

  4. Jamison Studley

    I love reading Harry Potter with my mom!!

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