Literacy Links – Volume 56

Harry Potter, literacy links, professional resources, reading, writing

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If I could find a way to make the Harry Potter Club my full-time job, Center would need a new literacy coach. We’ve met three times so far, and this year, I’ve structured it like a workshop. We have a soft start in which wizards have options for activities while everyone arrives and gets settled: reading Harry Potter books, doing a coloring page, working on a puzzle, reading the latest issue of our newsletter, the Daily Prophet, etc. Once everyone is present, I review or preview the classes for the day: the craft in Transfiguration, the materials for Potions, their Divination quiz online, and the reading/writing activity for Library. I usually station myself at Library so that I can do a reading or writing minilesson as wizards rotate through, but sometimes I’ll lead Potions. I’ve loved this structure so much, and students enjoy the independence of prioritizing the order of their station work. These afternoons are magical.

Here is this week’s roundup of literacy links for some quick inspiration, tips, and refreshment:

  • Is THIS my chance to become a published author?! Or YOURS?!
  • A conference at which to present or attend in October. I always love getting my learn on.
  • Audiobook Listening Copy – Sign up for an account and submit an application. Once approved, you can download free audiobooks each month as supplied by publishers. They are DRM-free and yours to keep.
  • Pioneer Valley Zine Fest – I’m fascinated by zines, the ultimate DIY publishing. This event is on my calendar.
  • Mental health break – Kids should name all the things.

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