Literacy Links – Volume 30

literacy links


Dear Ms. Vinson,

You taught me sixth grade AG language arts at Githens Middle School during 1990-1991 school year. It was a year of firsts: middle school, class in a trailer, creative writing, getting published, and learning the difference between Miss and Ms. I had always been a compliant student; school came easily to me. But your classroom was the first time I’d been inspired by a teacher. I loved ALL of our projects because of the allowance and appreciation for creativity. That was my niche, and I hadn’t even realized it before being in your class. You probably never would’ve known about the impact you had on my learning and being because I was, and still am, painfully shy and introverted. But maybe you had a hunch after I left you a copy of my latest published story in your mailbox in seventh grade.

When I became a teacher, I proudly ordered a “Ms. Vigna” stamp to identify my books in the classroom library. I enthusiastically described the difference between Miss and Ms. and even kept the title after I got married, divorced, and married again. My first students all sent their creative writing off to be published, and I’ve made a web of characters more than once to show characters’ connections in a complex story. Your teaching changed my life and my students’ lives.

Thank you for being so amazing. You were a once in a lifetime experience, and I can only hope that my children will have a similarly powerful experience with a teacher someday.

Happy teacher appreciation week!

Vanessa Vigna

P.S. I *still* know all of my helping verbs.

Here is this week’s roundup of literacy links for some quick inspiration, tips, and refreshment:

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