Writing Clinic #6: Shared and Interactive Writing

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My sixth Writing Clinic’s focus was shared and interactive writing, and if you are an LPS employee, you can access it HERE. This is the second Writing Clinic to occur during quarantine, so it’s another online, on-demand PD that I pre-recorded. I confess that I’m disappointed to not have the live discussions, but giving teachers ANOTHER Zoom meeting to attend doesn’t feel right. So the flexibility of a pre-recorded, on-demand format won! Take a look at the general outline of the workshop below, and happy writing!

Book Talk

I love choosing books to share with teachers and students, and for my past THREE PD sessions, I’ve looked to poetry. My selection this time was Dictionary for a Better World, which is also available on Epic. What a gorgeous, useful book for the world!


My minilesson definitely ignored one of my biggest rules of teaching because I *assumed* that teachers were familiar with shared and interactive writing. I very briefly described what shared and interactive writing were, and instead spent most of my fifteen-minute minilesson discussing WHY and HOW TO do it.

Tinker Time

The options for teachers’ tinker time were:

  • creating a shared/interactive writing toolkit
  • brainstorming shared/interactive writing opportunities
  • reading professional resources


After doing some work, teachers have the opportunity to share on my Writing Clinics Padlet.

There’s just one more Writing Clinic this year, and it will be more of a reflection and conversation about next steps with writing. Can’t wait!

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