Writing Clinic #5 – Demo Pieces

professional resources, writing

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 2.50.56 PM

Writing Clinic #5 – Demo Pieces has been planned for a while, but the quarantine demanded a different format. Since I always use a workshop structure (book talk, minilesson, tinker time, and share), I knew that part would be the same. I just needed to find the right delivery platform. SO MANY new (to me!) platforms have been shared over the past several weeks that I have to admit: They’ve all BLURRED together. Even if they hadn’t, though, I don’t think I currently have the head space for another new thing. So I decided to keep it simple by using a Google Doc file.

First, I divided it into the workshop sections, plus a message from me and more info sections. Then I recorded my minilesson in Quicktime and didn’t even think about editing or reshooting it because ain’t nobody homeschooling AND working from home got time for that. The only new thing I learned how to do was how to add a hyperlink to an image, which was so simple I didn’t even have to Google it. Finally I added in all of the text and hyperlinks that teachers would need to navigate this on-demand PD. I’m eager to hear how it goes!



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