Here’s a video to SHOW you Math Workshop in action, made by 5L and 5V’s class of 2014:

Today’s Math Workshop math game: Polygon Concentration or Geometry vocabulary

MCAS Practice Problems


  • Go to the enVision login page. There is a link to enVision on the sidebar of the class website.
  • Type in username and password (if students don’t remember, check the inside front cover of Math Notebook).

To find videos, click on “To Do” on the peacock section. Click “Explore” towards the top of the page, which should take them to a page listing all of the topics. Click on the topic you want to explore. On the next page, you should see a list of the lessons in each topic. Click on the lesson you want to review. Click “View” to watch the video.

To find assignments, click on the “To Do” icon in the Peacock box. You should see the assignment listed on the next page. Double-click on it to begin. When you are done, click on “Stop Test” at the top. A window will pop up asking if you want to save, click “Save”.

Number Talks


Decimal Divisor Division

2-digit divisor area models:

Division visual models:

Rounding decimals video tutorial here.

Subtraction: “The Regrouping Rhyme”, a poem to help you remember when to regroup

Subtraction: Regrouping with the Standard Algorithm


Subtraction: Regrouping with Visual Representations

Subtraction: Regrouping with Place Value Blocks

Subtraction: Break Apart Strategy

Basic Regrouping (2nd grade)

In/Out Boxes (2nd grade):

How to make an addition (and later we’ll use them for subtraction!) flashcard (2nd grade):

Comparing Numbers (2nd grade):

Expanded Form (2nd grade):

Subtracting Across Zero (3rd grade):



Math Facts Practice:





Money Games:

Subtraction Games:

Algebra Games:

  • Algebra Meltdown: Use the hints to do help you solve the equations if you need assistance.
  • In-Out Box Game: Start by selecting “What is the output?”, and then move on to “What is the input?”. (2nd grade)

Long Division Games:

Measurement Games:

Place Value Games:

Math Three Under the Sea!
This site has games of all sorts. Make sure you choose activities that we’ve studied in class.


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